Why Monterra?


The income you will needed to qualify for Monterra ownership is well below Snohomish County median income levels. The townhomes being “fee simple” will also allow for less expensive overall mortgage payments then condominiums. Why? Homeowner Association Dues should run in the $75 to $100 a month range for Monterra’s fee simple ownership versus $178 to $275+ range for like kind competing condominium projects. Also “fee simple” ownership means you own the land your unit is on!

Use Our Mortgage Calculator

Purchase and Affordability Strategies:

  • Money to buy: gift from relative for down and closing costs and prepaids
  • Increase net income: Adjust W-4
  • Money to buy: Borrow against a 401k plan
  • Save on utilities: New construction is extremely energy efficient
  • Budget: Eat out less, save more, paydown payoff debt